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How to Make a Balloons Column – Complete Tutorial for Beginners

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How to Make a Balloons Column – Complete Tutorial for Beginners

Watching a balloon column or a balloon arch stand is such a delight. It surely uplifts the aesthetics of a decoration arrangement. While some stand and admire its beauty, a few like you, are interested in creative balloons arrangements. They wonder how to make such a balloon column or an arch! In this blog, we will focus on making a balloon column.

OK. Making a balloon column or balloon tower isn’t as challenging. But it could prove intimidating if you are a beginner. So, here’s some help from Balloons N Beyond, a trusted and preferred name for customized balloons in Dubai. This complete tutorial explaining the process of making a balloon column can simplify the task for you.

Creative Balloons Arrangements – Material Required for Making a Balloon Column

Here’s what you will require to make a creative balloon arrangement like a balloon tower.

  • A balloon column kit
  • 12” balloons in various colors – 30-32 balloons in total, plus some extra. You may use printed balloons, heart shape balloons, or regular balloons per your choice.
  • A decorative balloon for the top (24” latex or Super Shape)
  • Electric balloon pump
  • Garden hose or faucet to fill weights
  • Screwdriver for column stand assembly

Build a Balloon Tower in 6 Easy Steps

When you have the right material and know the steps to make a balloon column, the process will become much easier and quicker. Here are six steps to create an amazing and adorable balloon tower for a party.

  1. Create the Tower’s Structure

Building the tower structure could prove a bit challenging and tricky. But ensure you spare some time for it and build a nice and sturdy one. It is because you can use it for future parties and wouldn’t have to spend time making another one the next time. Fill the tower’s base with water and then create the tower with the help of the package’s instructions. Keep about half an hour’s aide and a screwdriver with you.

  1. Inflate the Balloons

You will have about 30-35 balloons to inflate, including the latex ones. So, you use an electric balloon pump or a handheld one to blow all the balloons easily. Avoid inflating the balloons by mouth. Besides, if you want to give your column a more professional touch, you would want to inflate all balloons in the same size. 

If you think you cannot inflate them all in the same size, you can create a DIY balloon sizer using a poster board – measure the correct size with a compass and cut the circle out). But if you are confident enough, you can compare each balloon to the first inflated one before tying it. Of course, it will take some time but the effort is worth it.

  1. Attach the First Balloon

Find the clear plastic disc nearest to the column’s base. Place your first balloon below the disc and slide up the knot through any of the punched holes. You should ensure the knot cuts through so that it remains in its place comfortably.

  1. Complete the First Layer

Now, add balloons by attaching them to the other holes in the disc. Each disc on the column holds four balloons. It will help you form your first layer.

  1. Create the Other Layers

Continue creating the other layers of the column like the first layer. You can decide the balloon color for every layer per your choice.

  1. Give a Stellar Finishing Touch!

At the top of the balloon column, inflate a 24” latex or large foil balloon. Your kit will have a plastic cup to hold the large balloon upright. That will eliminate the need for helium. Feed the end of the balloon through the cup before you attach it to the top of your column. The whole exercise will make your balloon column look professional.

Need Customized Balloons in Dubai? Partner with Balloons N Beyond!

We hope this balloon column tutorial helps you make an iconic column for your anniversary or birthday party. For creative and remarkable balloons arrangements like a balloon arch stand or a balloon column, choose Balloons N Beyond. 

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